Enforcement Actions Taken On Identity Theft Investigations

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 @ 9:07PM

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During the week of January 23, 2012, IRS Criminal Investigation took the following enforcement actions against individuals who committed, or are alleged to have committed, identity theft. Below are press releases from the Department of Justice, Tax Division, or the U.S. Attorneys’ offices where the enforcement actions took place. The below releases are not all inclusive of criminal actions taken across the United States. Please see map for cities where all criminal and civil actions took place during the week.

Release Date
Release Number
City, State Title of Release
02/02/12 2012-023 Phoenix, AZ Former Buckeye Resident Indicted for Using Stolen Identities to Obtain Tax Refunds
01/27/12 none Detroit, MI Conspirators Charged for Submitting False Tax Returns to the IRS Using Deceased Identities
01/27/12 none Dayton, OH Three Ohioans Indicted in Conspiracy to Defraud the Internal Revenue Service
01/27/12 12-031 Newark, NJ Two New Jersey Residents Indicted Separately for Conspiracy to File False Tax Returns
01/27/12 12-036 Manhattan, NY Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against Four Defendants for Participating in Tax Refund Schemes Involving Nearly $5 Million
01/26/12 none Memphis, TN Memphis Residents Indicted In Tax Fraud and Identity Theft Scheme
01/26/12 none Oklahoma City, OK Indictment Unsealed Charging Enid Man with Identity Fraud and Filing False Tax Returns
01/26/12 none Dayton, OH Dayton Man Sentenced to 32 Months in Prison for Tax Fraud
01/26/12 none Cleveland, OH Criminal Information Charging David T. Tufts and Nelida I. Velasco
01/26/12 none Los Angeles, CA Five Indicted for Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns with Stolen Identities
01/26/12 12-032 Manhattan, NY Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Yonkers Resident with Impersonating an IRS Officer in Furtherance of a Fraudulent Tax Refund Scheme
01/25/12 none Cleveland, OH Six People Charged with Various Offenses Related to a Scheme to Defraud the Internal Revenue Service
01/25/12 none Montgomery, AL Montgomery Woman Indicted for Stealing Identities from the Department of Human Resources
01/25/12 12-026 Bronx, NY Three New York Men Admit to Conspiring to Defraud the U.S. Treasury Department of $300,000
01/25/12 12-028 Newark, NJ Bergen County, N.J., Man Admits to Taking Part in Large-Scale Identity Theft Ring
01/25/12 1_25b_12 Denver, CO Colorado Springs Man Indicted on Identity Theft and Fraud
01/25/12 12-103 Cleveland, OH Six Charged in Scheme to Use Identities of Deceased People to Get Tax Refunds
01/24/12 12-026 Newark, NJ Dayton, N.J., Mail Carrier Arrested, Facing Multiple Charges in Connection with Fraudulent Tax Refund Scheme
01/24/12 none Tallahassee, FL Nine Defendants Indicted In Tax Refund Scheme
01/24/12 12-099 Montgomery, AL Alabama Return Preparers Plead Guilty to Identity Theft and Tax Fraud Scheme
01/24/12 12-098 Las Cruces, NM New Mexico Man Indicted for Using Stolen Identities to Obtain Tax Refunds
01/24/12 12-097 Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana Tax Return Preparer Indicted for Tax Fraud, Wire Fraud and Identity Theft
01/24/12 12-096 Montgomery, AL Witness in Identity Theft and Tax Fraud Trial Indicted in Alabama for Perjury
01/24/12 12-094 Montgomery, AL Owner of Alabama Tax Business Sentenced to More Than 15 Years in Prison for Identity Theft and Tax Fraud Scheme
01/23/12 01-23-12 Sacramento, CA Three Sacramento Women Arrested For Stealing Taxpayers’ Identities And Their Tax Refunds
01/23/12 120123-04 Miami, FL Operators of Check Cashing Store Charged with Conspiracy in Connection with IRS Tax Refund Check Cashing Scheme
01/23/12 none Pensacola, FL Five Indicted For Fraudulent Prisoner Income Tax Refund Scheme
01/23/12 12-088 Montgomery, AL State of Alabama Employee Indicted for Identity Theft and Tax Fraud
01/23/12 12-087 Montgomery, AL Three Indicted in Alabama in Conspiracy to Obtain Tax Refunds Using Stolen Identities
01/23/12 12-086 Montgomery, AL Alabama Woman Indicted for Using Stolen Identities to Obtain Tax Refunds

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