SC Opens Bidding for Identity Theft Protection Contract

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 @ 2:41AM

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COLUMBIA, SC — At the beginning of July, someone spent $600 at a Michaels craft store in Michigan, using the debit card of a Hartsville attorney. The only problem? That attorney never has shopped at a Michaels or been to Michigan. Her identity had been stolen, leading to her bank account being frozen for three weeks until her bank sent her another debit card.

“It was very difficult,” said the attorney, whose name The State newspaper is withholding at her request given her recent identity theft. “I had to get help from my family during that time since I did not have access to my banking account or my savings account.”

Because she used her debit card to pay her state taxes online, the attorney blames the theft of her identity on an international hacker who, last year, stole the personal information of 6.4 million consumers from the S.C. Department of Revenue last year.

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