Feds charge 25 suspects with ID theft, tax fraud in South Florida take-down

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 @ 1:04AM

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By Jay Weaver (jweaver@MiamiHerald.com)

At the height of tax season, federal authorities announced Thursday they have charged 25 South Florida suspects — including a Miami-Dade public school employee —with stealing personal information from unwitting victims such as students to file fraudulent income-tax returns in their names. 

All but one of the suspects were arrested Thursday or in recent weeks in a variety of cases involving nearly 14,000 stolen identities and $36 million in false refund claims. As a result, the Internal Revenue Service paid $9.5 million to the accused criminals, authorities said.

South Florida’s take-down aimed to combat the ever-spreading crimes of ID theft and tax-refund fraud that is costing the U.S. government billions of dollars a year.

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